New Questionnaire release 3.4.1

Release 3.4.1 of questionnaire for the 3.4 branch is now available at the Moodle plugins database.

This release includes a new submission notification setting. Along with the simple notification that a submission has been made, a new “Full submission” notification option is available. When this notification type is selected, the entire questionnaire submission will be sent to message types (e.g. email) that support large messages for appropriate user roles.

Thanks to Gemma Lesterhuis and Euroforum B.V. – Eindhoven (The Netherlands) for their support, resources and efforts to develop the enhanced notification feature.

Details can be found in the release notes.

Additionally, releases 3.3.3, 3.2.6 and 3.1.8 have been made available.

Written on January 31, 2018